Magic Lantern Board

Magic Lantern is managed by a board of six directors, all of whom serve for a renewable period of three years without remuneration. The board’s current membership is:


  • Mark Lore (Coordinator)

  • Kate Shantz (At Large)

  • Gina Daddario (Programs)

  • Charles Ellison (At-Large)

  • Jerry Tracy (At-Large)

  • Stephanie Tracy (At-Large)

Magic Lantern Budget


Magic Lantern’s budget for 2018 projects income of $12,756, derived almost entirely from ticket sales, individual/business memberships, partner reimbursements, donations and ticket sales. Operating expenditures are programmed at approximately $7,793, most of which goes for film rentals. The difference between operating income and expenditures is allocated to our capital fund to support improved equipment and developmental activities.

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