Grants for Filmmakers

MLT’s mission is to provide a variety of film experiences to the community of the Winchester area while enhancing the life of the city’s historic downtown. This can mean bringing neighbors together for both indoor and outdoor showings of independent, foreign, documentary and family films; partnering with other local community groups, and, on occasion, supporting regional filmmakers and videographers.

As of September 2017, we are taking steps to give this objective greater substance though introduction of a modest cash grant program which we hope will provide seed money for local, independent film projects that meet our criteria.

We are interested in supporting the full range of activities that will help us fulfill that mission through cash grants. That might include (but is not limited to):

  • Support for the production of local/regionally based independent films by local/regionally based filmmakers;
  • Support for local and regionally based video projects; and
  • Scholarships for film instruction.
  • Eligibility: The project must meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Be based in Winchester (VA), Frederick and Clarke counties;
  • Have Winchester (VA), Frederick and Clark counties as part of its focus (for example, films about the Shenandoah Valley)
  • In addition, if the funds go towards a film or video production, the resulting work must be available for screening by MLT on at least one occasion.

Amount of Awards: Cash awards are available for a maximum of $2,000, but the request can be for as little as $100.

Time Period of Award: Not to exceed 18 months

Deadlines: The Board will review applications on a rolling basis. Please contact MLT for upcoming Board meeting dates.

Method of Application: Complete brief Application Form below…

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