MLT Sponsorship Opportunity


The MLT has shifted its support model from memberships to a simpler, donation-based system.  This gives all our supporters the opportunity to renew their commitments to the MLT at the same time. We think you’ll find it more convenient…and it saves us the labor and mailing expense that comes with a month-to-month membership approach.  

I believe you already understand the benefits that the Magic Lantern Theater has brought to our community over its sixteen years of existence.

  • Our small group has screened over 300 films, often through multiple showings at different locales, in genres ranging from top indie and foreign language to family-friendly, to outdoor events featuring dramas, comedies and classic films.
  • We’ve shown documentaries dealing with important social and political issues, with post-film discussion of their impact in our own community.
  • We’ve donated a large number of film discs to the Handley Regional Library collection.
  • We’ve supported events such as Alamo Cinema’s “Lost Weekend” film festival and the downtown Skyline Indie Film Fest. And, more recently, we’ve begun a modest grant program to assist local filmmakers and videographers.

To continue these efforts, Magic Lantern depends on continuing financial support from those who value our work.  We will of course recognize your tax deductible gift through an appropriate acknowledgement.

So, do your bit to help keep the Winchester area as one of the best small-town film venues in the country!  A convenient form follows for your donation online.

If you would prefer to donate by mail please make checks payable to Magic Lantern Theater and mail them to:

The Magic Lantern Theater,

P.O. Box 363,

Winchester, VA 22604

See you at the movies!

Mark Lore

Coordinator, Magic Lantern Theater

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