Volunteer Opportunities


The Magic Lantern Theater needs volunteers at all skill levels. If you have several hours a month to share with your community and help build the Theater and its programs, give us a call at 540 678 0963 or email info@magiclanterntheater.org.

The benefits of helping the MLT are largely intangible:

  1. the satisfaction of building a new cultural and entertainment facility in the Winchester area, one that particularly benefits the historic center;
  2. meeting and getting to know interesting members of the community who share an interest in fine films, the revival of downtown Winchester and the general quality of life in our area.

We can always use help at film events – set-up, collecting admissions at paid events, answering questions, etc. There’s an additional benefit at ticketed events: volunteers don’t pay even our absurdly low admission fees.

The MLT is also seeking fundraisers who can help build MLT resources and capabilities through encouraging individual memberships, promoting local business support and perhaps assisting as possible in preparing grant applications – all contributing to achievement of the MLT’s objectives – the bringing of quality films to the Winchester area and enhancement of its historic downtown. Experience with non-profit fundraising is welcome but not a prerequisite. This work would be performed at hours of the volunteer’s choosing.



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